Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slinger's Hamlet

As one might expect Slinger's Hamlet (as it shall, now and forever be known) went down a treat which, what with all the pre-publicity and this new luvie fad of releasing cinema-like trailers, doesn't leave me that surprised. Hopefully that will be it, no more Slinger wielding a sword. No more Slinger dressed in God-knows-what, looking earnest and thoughtful (see below) and moody etc and please no more Slinger telling anyone who will listen that he knows he's ugly and therefore not Hollywood material.
Anyway, it goes without saying, everybody loved it darling and of course I shall, now that there are £10 tickets coming up go and see what all the fuss was about. Although I, unlike the hordes of  misguided Slingerwrights remain convinced that Slinger's Hamlet will not make the world a better place.

'Slinger has been hitting on previous Hamlets – he doesn't say who – for tips. "They all say the same thing: whatever you do, it's one of the few parts where you don't play it, it plays you." He looks thoughtful. "Which of course begs the question, 'Who am I?' 

                                                               You are...Man with Pizza on Head.

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