Monday, July 15, 2013

Another failed attempt?

It will be interesting to see if the new traffic restrictions outside Debenhams' High St will work. Apparently the plan is to paint double yellow lines which means, the Blue Badgers will have only a few minutes to do their shopping before our ever intrepid wardens turn up to dish out penalties. Basically it will become a loading area and I have to say, about time too. Whether or not anyone will take any notice we will have to see.
The High Street has been a major site of congestion for far too long and to be honest a lot of the problem has been the Blue Badgers parking their cars at all sorts of angles and generally being unaware of just how big (or small) their car actually is. Whether these new rules will change things, who knows, just be sure that there will be a huge protest from those who have a Blue Badge when tickets start to get written.
Whatever happens we're still going to have giant coaches barrelling up and down the High Street stopping and starting when they and their passengers feel like it, polluting the air with their disgusting diesel and generally not giving a hoot about the health of the people who live and work here, which is something I am really concerned about. Without going into too much detail here, the heavy particles in diesel are extremely dangerous yet no-one in Stratford seems to be concerned about the fact that when these monstrous coaches stop to admire Stratford's architecture they do so with their engines running.

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