Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This was going to be a piece about how this weather has begun to take its toll on the general populace or perhaps more distinctly, drivers. I was going to relate how, in the process of my part time work (I drive around Town every day) I keep coming across drivers of most every type of vehicle who have grown horns and have steam coming out of their ears. This spell of hot weather has boiled their blood and tempers are short.
I was going to relate how this very morning a mild looking elderly gentleman driving a mild looking elderly gentleman's car honked his horn at me in what can only be called a ferocious manner and then, bellowed out of his window right across his visibly shocked wife (lover? No wife), that...'You can't park there'. All done in the tone of voice that insinuated I was some kind of idiot and obviously not a resident of Stratford upon Avon like him and his good lady wife were (Banbury Road I should imagine). Anyway, so pissed off was I that I was going to write something on the lines of...What is the matter with people? A few degrees rise in the temperature and everybody goes crazy. What right have we to call ourselves Europeans when we have only just learnt to eat from tables placed (horror of horrors), outside.
I say I was going to write something like that but sitting down here in front of my computer and in a mood to reflect, I suddenly remembered what my answer/my reaction to this elderly gentleman was. And frankly it wasn't very nice. In fact it was far too horrible to print here. In short, I'm as bad as 'they' are. I've grown horns, am blowing steam out of my inflamed nostrils and oh yes, I haven't had a good look yet but I think I've grown a tail.

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