Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oh no its the RSC'S Ricky II (humpless)

It was my brother's 60th a week or two ago and I foolishly declared that knowing how much he liked the Bard I'd 'treat' him and get him a ticket for a production of his choosing (though personally I can't understand his enthusiasm). So, as was his wont he decided that he'd like to see Ricky the 2nd AND I would have to go with him  (bastard). Actually I wasn't too bothered as I knew it was a long shot that tickets would be available the production staring as it does, an ex-Dr Who (David Doo-dah you know, whatshisname).

Anyway, in an effort to show my bro that I'd made an effort I went to the box-office fully expecting to be turned away. In fact so sure was I that I would return empty-handed and ticket less I'd been practising my sad telephone voice and raking my brains to offer him an alternative prezzy.

You know what comes next don't you?

That's right, two returns in the middle of the Gods. And all for the reasonable price of 45 quid each (*cough). Ah well, who knows, I might enjoy it (*another cough & hysterical laughter).

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