Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stratford makes it into the Top One Hundred Crap Town List.

So here we go again. Dear old Stratford upon Avon makes it once again into the top one hundred crap towns list. This in itself does not surprise me but folks, I have to admit that it saddens me. You see, I love my Town. In the 70's S-on-A welcomed me. OK not so much with open arms but you have to understand that from where I was coming from Stratford upon Avon was Shangrila. So the people were a bit weirder than I was used to but it didn't take me long to begin to call it home. This was where I got married and this was where my kids were born and educated. Ich bein Stratfordian (is that right Ingrid?)

Which brings me to the infamous Crap Towns List . Stratford deserves its place in this list because over the years Stratford has been neglected. It has been squeezed to the bone to get as much from the Shakespeare connection as possible. In the meantime it chokes to death on the hundreds/thousands of visitors that it can no longer cope with. Those that we have voted in to watch over the Stratford legacy have for whatever reasons taken their beady eyes off the ball and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course what I am saying is not new. I remember much of the same arguments existing in the early 70's just as the rot was setting in.  So here we go again. Yet another 'experiment' in pedestrianising the streets (remember the last time?) More talk about a much-needed bypass (Yawn). The ever-present Mr Bird. Railways, rates and rhubarb. More of the same. When will it ever end...

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