Thursday, August 1, 2013

London Properties & Redrow. Watch this Space - For Ever.

It's a real shame that those visiting Stratford upon Avon by train will experience as their first sight of the town a rather large lump of ugly disused land. It's not the sort of welcome that a town that's celebrating 800,000 visitors to the Shakespeare Properties should be part of is it? (See The Herald today). Still being referred to as The Stratford Cattle Market site even though that eyesore moved some years ago, the site was purchased by the 'Developers' Redrow and as seems to be par for the course around here (see London Properties - Bell Court/Town Square), nothing has happened for years and as usual nobody in town seems to be able to do anything about it.
Why do these so-called developers always appear to me to be waiting for something to happen before they start laying bricks? Far be it from me to suggest that market forces seem to be a work here but could it be that they're waiting for prices to rise so that, and perish the thought, they can sell it on? Let's face it you don't have to be a genius to come to the conclusion that land in Shakespeare's birthplace must be worth a tidy sum and therefore worth taking a gamble on. Like sitting on the Golden egg. It won't ever hatch but hang on long enough and something will come of it.
The other thing I'm puzzled about is why it's not possible for those responsible for Stratford's upkeep and therefore its well-being to put something in every contract that insists that work on the sites must commence within a certain period of time?


  1. Or how about what is done in Bham and London, put up boards around it and paint something epic on them?

  2. Perish the thought :if they did that it would be a scene from shakespeare