Maybe I can help you reduce your stress levels and calm down....

  • Do you lead such a busy life that when you does have a chance to relax, you can't?
  • Are you aware that if you don't do something about it, you might live to regret it?
  • Do you want to slow it down?
  • Is it all getting a bit too much?

If any of the above fits you let me try to help.

I have a new website that aims to introduce you to a series of Imaginations & Scenarios designed and used by me to reduce the stress levels that you may be experiencing in your life. 

Give them a promises....but give it a try. You never know (and it's FREE).


The True story of the 'obscene' Bollards

Tales of Old Stratford-upon-Avon


As far as legends go the story behind, The Fertility Stones of Waterside stems from fairly recent times.
Situated about 100 hundred yards from the famous Stratford pub, the Dirty Duck the fertility stones first came to public notice one dark night in the winter of 1953 around closing time.

Bookcase made by Jesus discovered in Vatican Library

The reason for the complete closure of Vatican City and the hospitalisation of the Head Librarian has finally been given by Head of Publicity Fr Giomenti Frutella.

In a hastily worded statement Fr Frutella gave the answer to why there was a complete lock-down of Vatican City for two days, leading to speculation in the press and other media.

Fight to get 'obscene' Bollards removed

President of the Clear Up Nasty Things Swiftly group, Amelia Swann, angrily announced today at a hastily convened press conference that things could turn 'nasty' if their concerns weren't taken more seriously...
‘the group will continue it's fight to get these offensive bollards removed. At the last count our petition was a hundred signatures short of one thousand. The number the group believes the town council should begin to ‘sit up and take notice of our protests’.