Bookcase made by Jesus discovered in Vatican Library

The reason for the complete closure of Vatican City and the hospitalisation of the Head Librarian has finally been given by Head of Publicity Fr Giomenti Frutella.

In a hastily worded statement Fr Frutella gave the answer to why there was a complete lock-down of Vatican City for two days, leading to speculation in the press and other media.

The statement is as follows...

'We, (the staff of the Vatican Library) and me were coming to the end of the once-in-a-hundred-years clean-up of the library and we were exhausted. A hundred years of dust and dirt takes an immense amount of hard work to remove.
I was particularly tired and have to confess because of this I was swinging my vacuum hose around in a careless manner when I knocked over a pile of particularly dusty books.
When they fell they revealed another load of books but this time encased in a roughly made book case.
I called over the Head Librarian to apologise and for him to check to see if I had, in my clumsiness caused any damage.
To cut a long story short, he climbed over the fallen books and looked at the book case. This was when he fainted. After we had called an ambulance there proceeded a closer examination of the roughly-hewn book case.
This was when it was discovered.
This was a book case made by Jesus Himself. 
It has since been carbon dated and our suspicions ratified. It was the correct time line. It was genuine...and it was signed 'J of N'.

At the time of writing we await a comment from his Holiness The Pope.


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